Welcome to Hidafurukawa!"A IRORI" and hotel with "the ZAIGO dish"

Welcome to Hida Furukawa Irori Hotel
In ancient Japan, Irori (open hearth fireplace) was an important place for families and the center of our lives. At this hotel, you can taste traditional Hida local cuisine at a dining venue with an open hearth, which creates a nostalgic feeling among Japanese people. This hotel places great emphasis on creating a space where you can feel authentic Japanese style and relax in your comfortable room. We are looking forward to providing you with excellent hospitality so you can feel the warmth of humanity that will heal your heart.

What’s Irori?

Irori (open hearth fireplace) used to be part of the Japanese traditional lifestyle, and also a place for families to communicate.
As a meeting place that never changes even though time moves forward, it creates a heartwarming atmosphere and cleanses people’s hearts. Irori is a place to say, “Welcome back." We recreate Irori as a dinner venue.

What’s Zaigo cuisine?

Zaigo cuisine are selected from local foods, which have been adopted from ‘Honkosama Ryori.’ Honkosama Ryori is a type of shojin ryori (vegetarian dish) that used to be served to neighbors at Honkosama, a memorial service for the Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism). This food includes ‘Matsuri-No-Gottsuo (Festival feast), a dish served on the day of Furukawa Festival,’ ‘Five Seasonal Festival Dishes’ such as those for the Dolls' Festival, the Boys' Festival, dishes for ‘Toshitori’ and ‘Obon,’ and also homemade tastes.

Access Map

10-27 Kanamori-cho, Furukawa-cho, Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan (Post Code: 509-4225)
check-in : 15:00
check-out : 10:00

Accommodation Plan

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